Click on the Links below to see what our daily life was like at each life stage:
Schedules for happy & sane puppy:
  1. 8 week Old Puppy Schedule: Work Day
  2. 8 Week Old Puppy Daily Schedule-Weekend or Vacation 
  3. 10-12 Week old Puppy Schedule
  4. Adolescent-Adult Schedule
  5. Potty Training a Mini Aussie: Two approaches & Dealing with Bad Weather

Puppy FAQ's:
  1. First Night Home-Reality Check!
  2. Signs of a Tired Puppy
  3. Why is my puppy suddenly going crazy?
  4. Humping at 8 wks Old, It's normal!
  5. Puppies and Car Rides: What to expect and How it changes
  6. When should you give your puppy a collar?
  7. How to Bond with Your Puppy at 8-12 weeks
  8. Is it okay to sometimes "hate" your puppy? (A word of encouragement for new puppy parents)
  9. Taking Puppies for Walks: When to Start, Where to Go, Concrete, and for How Long
  10. The Witching Hour: What it is and How to recognize it
  11.  Driving Cross Country with my Puppy

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