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I try to post things to this blog when I can, but everything goes up on youtube first so check there!

Here's a small collection here:

Here we are at 9 weeks exploring a grassy area in my mountain community (so it's safe from Parvo, etc).

This is at 9 weeks playing with an Omega Tricky Treat Ball.  This was the only time he really played with it.  Otherwise, it's a waste because the food/treats get stale.

This is Indie at 9 weeks playing in some hail we received, it's the only snow he'll see in So Cal!

Our first time at the beach at 13 weeks old

Jumping on rocks & Swimming in a river for the first time, 4 months old

Doing frisbee tricks at the beach at 4.5 months old

Playing in a creek on a hike, 5 months old

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