Health and Veterinary

Here I will keep a detailed summary of vet visits and costs, overall health issues, food and nutrition.

Click on the Links below to see health stats, issues, vet recommendations & costs at each life stage:

Health, Foood, & Vet Recommendations at 8 weeeks
Poop & Pooping at 8 weeks old 
Health & Food at 10 weeks 
Health, Food, & Vet Costs and Recommendations at 12 weeks 
Health, Food, & Vet Costs at 14 weeks
What food we use for our Mini Aussies 
Our Neuter Story: Why we waited & Dealing with Cryptorchid Testicle 

Indie's Specs:
DOB: 10/22/12
Breed: Miniature Australian Shepherd
Breeder: Timeless Aussies

Year 1 Vet Costs
(to date...we're only half way through his first year right now! o_o)

Graph Key:
Green=Required Visit
Blue=Misc./Unplanned Visit
Red=Year to Date expenses
 Summary of Vet Visits:
8 weeks: General health check up, meet vet
11 weeks: First round of shots, stool sample
14 weeks: Second round of shots, flea/tick meds, anal glands expressed
16 weeks: Last round of shots, more flea/tick meds
19 weeks: Anal glands expressed, fecal sample, get flea/tick meds.
21 weeks: Jaw injury.  Indie couldn't open mouth all the way without pain. Diagnoses: strained a ligament by chewing something hard. Visit incl'd meds: Arnica & asprin for the pain/swelling.
22 weeks: Got weird bump on his head.  Lasted two weeks.  We think it was a bug bite?
23 weeks: Got a foxtail (barbed grass seed) stuck in his ear canal*

*This usually requires anasthesia to get out because they need to stick tweezers deep in the ear grab it.  But, luckily through our training Indie is so calm and trusting, the vet was able to nab it right then and there!

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