Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Health, Food, & Vet Costs 14 weeks

General Health
Weight: 11 lb 5 oz
Health: Excellent
>Eats his food
>Is lively after napping, playing, very awake
>Coat has no bald spots, no shedding
>Coat is soft, not dry or brittle
>Sleeps in crate

Any Health Issues?
As per our usual now, no, there are no health issues but here are a few things that have come up!

1) Only One Testicle has dropped.  Yes, he has one ball.  I guess they have a long way to travel to come down so we will keep waiting.
2) Anal glands NOT expressing.  This is a minor issue.  His poo is too soft and is not allowing his glands to express properly (at least, I hope that's the issue instead of something chronic!).  This means they had to do it manually (gross, poor Indie!).  The solution is to give him more fiber, like adding canned pumpkin and probiotics to his food. Otherwise we'll need to go back to the vet for expressing sessions!

Food & Feeding
Food Type: Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon with a variety of wet food toppers like Merrick Grain Free line and Evangers.  I add about 1 tsp of warm water from my tea kettle to make a gravy that coats the dry food better.  I also break up big meat chunks too to more evenly distribute it.  Otherwise, he'll just pick out the meat.
Amount of Food per Day: 1 cup given 1/3 cup increments 3x per day with 1/4 cup of wet food topper mixed in at each feeding.  Once at 8:30 am, once between 12-1pm, and around 6:30pm.

Vet Visit: 2-2-13
Age at third visit: 14 weeks old
Goal: Get Distemper/Parvo boosters for Parvo; get flea meds; get anal glands expressed
>Cost: $145.00: Incld. boosters, probiotics ($20), Anal gland expression ($40), Exam, Vectra3D  ($17)

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