Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How to get your puppy to walk on a leash

Initially, most puppies will not walk when the leash is attached them.  I have a trick that might work to help with this problem and it's so simple.  It may not work for you, but I've had two puppies in my life and this has worked both times. 
 Here's the Trick:
Simply drop the leash and keep walking!  

The puppy will just follow or run to you once you get far enough away and when they come running to you hug them, pet them, give them treats, talk in a high pitched voice about how good they are.  Then grab the leash and try walking again.  If they don't want to go, just keep repeating this.  You may need to walk more than 10 feet away before they start running to you.   Be bold.  Be the boss. Turn and walk away like you don't care.  Especially with this breed you must show them you are the boss of the walk and if they don't want to come with you, they can get left behind.  Being a herding breed (and this is the exact reason I got this breed!) they will WANT to stay with their human.  They are bred for this specific purpose.  Also, young puppies want to stay with the person too so lets take advantage of these traits!

Indie at 8 weeks old happily walking with a harness and leash!
Don't run out and spend a million dollars buying different harnesses, leashes, or collars.  Try my method first!  It can't hurt right? Another thing to do is attach the leash them, but don't even try to grab it and walk.  Just let them follow you around the house or yard with it on so they get used to having the leash.  Then grab it every now and then and walk around.

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