Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Signs of a Tired Puppy

Is your puppy suddenly going crazy and won't listen to you?  Don't fret!  It doesn't necessarily mean that they are the devil incarnate and are the worst dog in the world.  It probably just means they are tired :)

Learning to tell when your puppy is tired is crucial!  You might be thinking that a tired puppy will be obvious to recognize, but guess AGAIN! Some of the things puppies do when they're tired are counter intuitive to what you would expect, such as having crazy bursts of energy.  And much like a human baby or toddler, when puppies are young (between 8-10 weeks) they will not put themselves down for a nap, YOU must do this when you start to see the signs of tiredness if you want to have a well balanced puppy. 

How to put a puppy down for a nap:
Simply put them in their crate with a breathable blanket/sheet thrown on top to put them down for a high quality nap. It may take them 2-3 minutes to settle down.  If they truly are tired, they fall asleep within 5-10 minutes.  If they keep going crazy, take them back out, go potty, play more and try again.

Signs of Puppy Tiredness
  • Red, bloodshot eyes
    • Indie's eyes get redder and redder the more tired he gets.  When he wakes up, they are white again.  If your dogs eyes stay red, it could be a sign of Colitis and you need to see your vet.
  • Getting very bity or nippy
  • Sudden bursts of CRAZY energy
    • Suddenly your puppy starts going crazy, tearing around the house, yard, or anywhere they are.  Almost bucking like a wild bronco! They won't listen to you, they bite at you, they roll over onto their backs just biting at the air.  Yep....time for a nap.
  • Glossed over, vacant stare with Head bobble
    • When your puppy suddenly gets this "glossed over" look in their eyes, they are starting to get tired! Their heads may wobble a little bit too, like a sloooooow version of a bobble head.  It will be as if they are looking at you, but like they don't see you.
  • Wobbling while walking
    • Especially with little puppies, when they start to become extra wobbly (more than usual) while playing or walking, they're starting to get tired.  

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