All About Mini's

Click on the Links below to see general information about what I have learned about Mini Aussies so far:
  1. What does "high energy" mean and entail for an Aussie?
  2. How long does it take a Mini to be full grown?
  3. Personality Traits of my Mini Aussie
  4. What Food do I feed my dogs
  5. What is a typical day in the life like with a Mini Aussie?
  6. Driving Cross Country with my Puppy
  7. Mini Aussie Coat: Transitions, Maintenance, & Feel 
  8. Does you Mini Aussie bark a lot? (No, read why)
  9. Mini Aussies are the BEST Adventure Dogs! 
  10. Having your mini aussie in your wedding!
  11. Getting a second mini aussie


  1. My husband and I just got married shy of two weeks ago and we had our mini aussie Xena as our flowergirl in our wedding! I was absolutely tickled pink that you had your furbaby there for your special day!

    1. Eeee!!! That's awesome!! Our dogs are like our kids/family so we totally wanted him there for our special day!