Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mini Aussie in a Wedding & More Updates!

Indie, ready to join the action!
Hi everyone!

After a brief hiatus, we are back in action!

Sorry for our long absence.

I took a break to marry my best friend and sweetest bear and do some work on our new house.

I painted so many walls because everything in our house was BROWN! I am a lover of light and cheerful, yet grounded colors.  It took me forever because I did so many rooms and used lots of different colors. The little table I refinished (below) was made using some of my samples -so you can really see I went nuts! The yoga room is a sage green and I love the rainwater blue and buckwheat in the laundry room.

Bonus points if you can spot Indie butt in the pic on the right!!

During this time I also started an intense new job as a Director and my old mac laptop died on me. So yeah, like I said, a hiatus was in order (ha ha)  o_O

 And now for some sweet wedding pics...

Lets travel back in our May wedding! We had a blast down in Austin, TX with family and friends on a beautiful Sunday morning out in the country. But more importantly, I made Indie an awesome bow-tie for the affair.  Yes, his bow-tie was in our wedding color (lavender). And yes, we hula-hooped :) Our little guy is never far from our sides and it was so special to have him be a part of our day.  It's also a testament to our training efforts and what is possible with this amazing breed.  They want to be involved in everything you do and with proper training and socialization, they can be! We were out in the country, no fences, and I never had to worry. He just hung out and was never far from us our whole wedding!

I'll let the pics do the talkin' ...

Gettin' ready for the weddin'

Look how good this boy is, love him!

Our wedding aisle with local, organic Texas wildflowers

Indie trying to foil Joe's hooping during our hula competition muah ha ha!
Our cute mini vegan cupcakes and bride & groom cake!

Thanks for stopping by again. I have more updates about canoeing with Indie and other fun things! More to come!!

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