Saturday, January 19, 2013

Health & Food at 10 weeks

Health: Excellent! No real issues
>Eats all his food
>Is lively and awake during play times
>"Eye boogers" are not occuring anymore

Any issues?
Again, no issues, but here are something that can happen, are normal, but you need to keep in check:

1) Fleas? Yep, he's starting to scratch and get fleas (most likely from our indoor/outdoor cat)...time get meds at next vet visit in a week!

2)  Tiny white dots in poop.  They were the size of pineheads almost and one day I started to notice them.  At first this freaked me out, I thought he had worms! But, I soon realized after some research that I was feeding him too much and the tiny white dots were the undigested grain from the kibble I was feeding him.  When I inspected his kibble closely I could see the same little dots from the grain (I was feeding him Merrick Classic Lamb and Brown Rice).  Well, I switched to a grain free brand, Acana, and also feed him with a wet food topper and his poo began to firm up, become more regular, and the white dots disappeared.

3) Not enthusiastic about eating kibble.  He doesn't "wolf" down his food when I feel him.  He will pick at it, doesn't matter the brand.  I started adding a little wet food topper and mixing it in well.  He LOVES it.  Gives me piece of mind at meal time because I know he will sit and eat it all at once, or just about.

 Food & Feeding Schedule
Food Type: Merrick Classic Lamb & Rice and incorporating Acana Pacifica; also I am now adding 1 tbsp of wet food topper at each meal.  Wet food topper is Merrick Grain Free Puppy with Chicken, Duck, and Peas.
Amount of Food per Day: 1 cup (75%-25% blend Merrick:Acana) given 1/3 cup increments plus 1 tbsp of wet topper mixed in at each feeding 3x per day.  Feeding once at 7:30 am, once between 1-2pm, and around 6pm.

 Treats in between meals: I use a combination of the following, only give him a few treats during the day, mostly in kongs while I'm at work:
-Zukes mini naturals Roasted Chicken (only use ~4 little treats in between meals)
-Natural Balance meat logs ~ 1 tbsp broken off and stuffed into a kong and another 1 tbsp put in a Kong bone
-Applesauce or yogurt (vanilla) stuffed into a kong ~ 2 tbsp
-Frozen banana sticks ~1-2 small sticks (think baby carrot sized) per day stuffed into a kong

Frozen Carrots? I tried frozen carrot sticks, but he didn't really eat them...the bananas though...GONE! Loves 'em!

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