Thursday, March 14, 2013

Is it okay to sometimes hate your puppy?

I know-I know, how bad does that sound? Hate a cute little puppy?  But how? Why? 

Well folks, I'm here to tell you that it *can* happen during the first few weeks you have them and you shouldn't feel bad about it! I wanted to write this post so that you don't give up on your dog right away and also you feel a little better if you suddenly you find yourself loathing your new bundle of "joy".  I was reminded to write this because a guy in my puppy class came in the other week with that look on his face. You know the one: of total, utter defeat and exasperation.  I knew it all to well.  I had felt like that when I first brought Indie home (see my post about the horror that was our first night here). 

What can cause us to feel this way?
Part of what causes us to feel moments where we "hate" our puppies when we first bring the puppy home is because a) you're very tired from having to wake up in the middle of the night to take them out to potty plus deal with all the sudden messes they make in the house, b) you're still figuring each other out and bonding, and c) they can be a lot to handle as they bite and lick INCESSANTLY during this time.  So what happens? You will have moments where you hate them.  Maybe even where you wish you never got them.

It's okay.

This even happens to parents.

You know you still love 'em, but in that moment, God help are ready to quit.  

This happened to me too!
If it makes you feel any better I was ready to give Indie back after the second day.  I cried on the phone to the my mom: "I don't think I do this!!!" I felt awful.  Anyways, it was mostly because of the reasons I listed above, but mainly I was tired.  I was SO tired.  But, after getting some helpful tips from my breeder and my future dog trainer....things got easier.  That's why I have this blog, so you will see my mistakes and also I can share the things I learned that helped me!  

Today I would do it all over again-- get a puppy again, I mean.  I have learned about what puppies are like and capable of.  I have learned how to deal with it.  To get to the point I am at today where I love my awesome puppy has not been all roses.  It has taken a lot of patience, perseverance, obsessive research, and also puppy class, where you can commiserate with other people dealing with the same things while your crazy puppies tire each other out (LOL!).  

Hang in there new puppy parents!  
Forgive your puppy's mistakes and don't forget to forgive your mistakes too! 
We all make mistakes, We are not perfect, 
it makes us better people :)

Much love,
Indie-Roo and Mom


  1. Thank you for this post -- my 14 week old mini is just a handful right now -- all he wants to do is bite and nip and play and then get rewarded with treats for it all! He's so precious when he's tired out and sleeping and at puppy training class, but it really gets tiring fighting off the little nips and bites and psycho puppy times! LOL

    1. I like that you have psycho puppy too. My mini at 930 every night turns vampire but he's sure sweet when he is back in puppy mode

  2. I'm going through this at the moment with a new 8 week old mini aussi. I feel so bad about having these thoughts. Wished I had read this blog before I got the little trouble maker, but thankfully my partner is SO much more patient and calmer than me so he has been a rock to us both. It's fantastic to read your blog and hearing how you went through the same thing and that I just need to be more patient (which I'm not.. Aries!). This will be a great educational process for me. :) I look forward to when my little Bumi and I can have a great bond.