Saturday, May 16, 2015

BEST Toys for mini and toy aussie puppies!

I'll never forget the feeling when everything was said and done and I knew in a few short weeks I would be bringing home my mini aussie puppy. I immediately ran to the pet store, excited to fill my cart with all kinds of goodies for him. But when I got there, I was actually overwhelmed. I didn't want to waste my money and the toy and treat options were endless! What would he like? I had no idea.

Now I am raising my second Aussie puppy and it seems that there is definitely a trend to what kinds of toys Aussies love (at least mine). They love a couple of things: variety of textures, chasing, squeakie noises, rolling balls, things made with fabric, plush things, and things with hairs or strings or things sticking off they systematically destroy. Here's the thing about Aussies, they are not "chewers" or "chompers," destroyers by means of all out crushing. No, unlike labs and pit bulls who just indiscriminately chomp, Aussies are more calculated, precision destroyers. They will find the weak point of the fabric and chew on just that. Then pull all the stuffing out leaving a perfectly intact toy behind that can still be used once you (the human) pulls out the dangerous stuffing. Some of my dog's favorite toys are the limp remnants of ratty fabric of once-been toys.

Here is what I consider a great selection of toys you can buy to have on hand when you first bring your mini or toy aussie home:

As you can see there is a nice variety here of textures and activities. You can throw or bounce the balls, the un-stuffed racoon (far left) is great for dragging on  the ground to simulate hunting, the big blue alligator (far right) is one giant squeaker, so it has a nice low sound, and it's great for pouncing on and chewing. The little ropes have nice stringies for them to shred up (instead of your shoe laces!). You get the idea. What you want with toys is lots of options. You want thing that make noise, things you can drag on the ground for them to chase and tough things they chew on for a long time, like Kong Wubbas (pink toy, bottom left).

Here is a video that shows how I play with each one:

Hope this helps you or gives you some ideas of what you can get and do for your puppy or even full grown  mini or toy Aussie. Here's to many happy, energetic play sessions y'all!


  1. Hey just read your blog and loved it me and my husband just got a mini Aussie on Thursday and we are like new parents over protective and have no idea what we're doing. We have a ton of question! Like how did you crate train your puppy and what would you suggest with training a puppy inside a 1000 square foot apartment? I am really enjoying your blog hope to read more soon!

    1. Whooops, sorry, guess I didn't see this til too late! Well, I hope everything worked out for you and you found my post about crate training :)