Monday, February 3, 2014

Herding with a Jolly Ball

Hi Everyone! I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday break.  It snowed over 5 inches last night here in Arkansas so I'm using this snow day to do some blog updatin'! I've been wanting to post about my favorite new toy: the Jolly Ball. It tires Indie out more than anything else we do because he herds it around and it taps into his genetic instincts. It tires me out because I run around trying to keep him sequestered in the yard (we have no fence) and also I work on my soccer moves. It is such a riot to watch him go crazy! Check out this video to see how we play with him with the Jolly Ball and how Indie plays with it:

In case you're not familiar with it, the Jolly Ball is a big plastic ball that can't be popped (that happens to be blueberry scented! not that that matters to Indie).  I have the 8-inch version, but I'm thinking of upgrading to a larger size now that I know he likes it. Wish I could use a yoga/exercise ball with him, but at the moment he tries to bite it to much, plus my yard is a ball popping mine field.

Indie goes nuts and gets wild eyed with this toy: barks at it, pushes it around, and tries to bite it. It frustrates him that he can't really bite it, which I think makes him even more nuts.  In fact, I have to hide this ball when we're not using it because he'll just keep going after it!


  1. Love this video! Thanks for sharing. We are about to get our first mini in mid February. We have a few feet of snow already, so I'm definitely going to get one of those balls!

  2. Ooo wow a Jolly Ball sounds great! In need of a new addition to my mini's own "Jolly Ball" collection. We currently have at least 5 different balls ranging in size and material. Out of all the toys he loves the small volleyball the most! It's honestly quite a cheap volleyball since we got it for free, however it is light weight and easily rip able, which Me-no loves!! There are some nooks and cranny's in our backyard but he can just grab on to the rip parts to get it easily! He plays just like your aussie, thanks for sharing this info.