Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Estimate Puppies Adult Weight

***Check my Growth Stats page to see my mini's growth over time!***
Predict your dog's adult weight:
This site had the most accurate prediction for our mini aussie http://www.puppyweights.com/. Select Australian Shepherd as the breed (since that's what they are anyways).

Where Do Mini's fit in?
You often see that dogs are divided into the following categories:
Small (Chihuahuas and Yorkies)
Medium (Beagles, Cocker Spaniels)
Large (German Sheperds, Goldens)
Mini Aussies can fall anywhere between small and medium (16-40 lbs), depending on their parents and lineage.  Indie's parents are almost Toy size (which I didn't find out until I AFTER I got him, ooops ^_^)...both were around 20 lbs. Indie is definitely in the small/toy category because he appears to be maxing out at around 20 lbs as well.

Guestimate your Mini's adult weight:
The general consensus is that bigger dogs reach half their adult weight at 16 weeks and that smaller dogs reach half their weight sooner, say between 12-14 weeks  If you're trying to guestimate the adult weight of a mini aussie, for us it appears to be about twice his weight at 14 weeks.

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