Sunday, February 10, 2013

What I use for training (Puppy Stage)

Right now Indie is almost 16 weeks old, or just slightly past 3.5 months old.  He is still not ready for rigorous training so currently I don't have many training items. 

I use the following:
1.  Nice harness and a leash
2. Treat bag *Essential!
3.  Soft treats, like Zukes Mini Naturals or Natural Balance logs cut up into pieces 

I use an Outward Hound Jr. Treat bag (pic below).  It has clips on the bag that make attaching to my pockets easy.  It has a zip tie on top to close it off.  It's small, has a front pocket for poop bag, and is easy to use.  I recommend it for puppy stage.

At 3.5 Months old, here's a video of what I've been able to teach Indie so far:

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